Custom Concrete Screeding Service for Hire in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Technologies Available

Two screed technologies available from LuMa Screed Co.:

Laser Guided

Laser guided screed technology producess lab-on-grade concrete floors that are flatter and stronger than any comparative floors produced by using conventional methods. Final concrete grade height is established by a laser transmitter and the ScreedSaver™ machine automatically maintains height elevation at a rate of 10 times per second.

Laser-Screeded Floor Profile

3D Guided

Interior or exterior contoured concrete placement is now available using 3D positioning technology. The ScreedSaver™ machine with Topcon’s ‘LPS’ system utilizes an automatic tracking Robotic Total Station to register and maintain screed position from a machine mounted prism and sonic tracker.

Height adjustments are transmitted to and from the screed via radio signal to maintain accurate specifications on the defined jobsite plan.

New Dimension In Concrete Placement


Hand-Screed Floor Profile

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